Hire Me

If you’ve got a problem.. Yo, I’ll solve it.

While I have full-time employment, I also enjoy providing both volunteer and paid consulting, tech support, social media and website work to a limited number of organizations. Since I work in an industry that likes to speak in as vague terms as possible, here are some clear and concise ones:

I like to help people out of a rut and make sure they don’t get ripped off. If you want me to help review your current IT costs, you’re having a crisis or you just don’t know what to do.. contact me. Rates vary depending on your request and the client, but generally under $100. No charge if you end up using me to do the work I recommend.

Website Development:
I’m not going to strategize your paradigms or SEO update your twitters. I will make you a basic website for your business or organization with the information people want to know about you for a few hundred dollars. Hosting included.

Tech Support:
Setting up a new office, expanding, moving, or just trying to keep your office going. I will help you with that via email, phone, remote control or on-site support. Tech support generally by hourly rate, 1 hour minimum for on-site visits.

Here is a list of some of the people I have helped or am actively helping. I have linked the website if it was one of my projects:

Websites I designed:

  • AnnPatton.net (website)
  • BlueOxDining.com
  • DanAllenCenter.org (Updates only)
  • FurshopTulsa.com
  • JoeMommas.com
  • LegendsTulsa.com
  • OkieCrowe.com (Updates only)
  • TalkTrashTulsa (website) (collaboration)
  • ThePhoenixTulsa.com
  • Tulsa Bull Run (website) (collaboration)
  • Tulsa International Mayfest (website)
  • Tulsa Pediatric After Hours Urgent Care (previous website)
  • WhiteFlagTulsa.com
  • YBRTulsa.com

Social Media Clients:

  • Tulsa International Mayfest
  • Tulsa River Parks Authority

Tech Support Clients:

  • ALT12 Apps
  • Bryan Terrill Law
  • Land Legacy
  • Metropolitan Environmental Trust
  • Uptown Salon Owasso

Please contact me if you would like to let me help you.new jersey products liability lawyers