My Top Five Comedies you probably haven’t seen.

Cannibal The Musical – A bit gory in one scene but this movie made by the creators of South Park while still in college is pretty great. And yes, it’s a musical.

Grosse Pointe Blank – John Cusack is a hit man facing a mid life crisis while going to his high school reunion. Probably his best movie. Also, Dan Akroyd.

Idiocracy – A future where consumerism has gone to it’s comedic apocalyptic end. Spoiler alert: Starbucks offers sex acts.

Lone Star State of Mind – The best of the road trip comedy/heist movies. Inept bandits even try disguising themselves with panty liners on their heads.

The Pentagon Wars – Cary Elwes and Kelsey Grammer show the funnier side of government waste, based on a true story.

The Los Cabos Story

A recent restaurant experience has brought to the mind the story of a restaurant I choose to never visit again, after only the one visit, Los Cabos.

Back when the first location opened, at 71st and Garnett, four of us went to try it. We ordered four different combination plates to try everything out. We were huge fans of Atomic Burrito, run by the same people in the same location only months before. The owner of the restaurant and a few other suits were there, possibly investors. Everyone paying close attention to every detail.

When our food came out, only one of the four orders was correct. The other three were not minor issues, they were nothing close to what we ordered, so three plates went back. On attempt #2, two of the three were correct. One plate, that didn’t seem to match anything on the menu. After that, our waiter never returned. Ever. Never even left the back of the restaurant. The owner brought out the third attempt at plate #4 at it seemed to be a winner. He jokingly said the waiter was upset and not coming back. Not sure how much of that was a joke. At this point it had been close to half an hour since the first meal came out so our dinner together consisted of a combination of food that was getting cold, and people eating in shifts.

Half an hour to get the order right and a waiter who has apparently locked himself in a closet. It’s bad, but not horrible. But plate #4 had a secret….. it wasn’t cooked. An order that includes cheese enchiladas that were filled with cold, refrigerated, shredded cheese. The owner cum waiter offered to stick it in the microwave, but everyone else was done and I was ready to leave.

Then came the kicker, the owner brings us a ticket. A ticket for 4 people in which two orders were wrong and delivered late and one order was incorrect 3 out of 3 times. A ticket for 4 meals at full price. No apologies. No coupons. No comped meal. A completely abysmal attempt at providing food at a place who’s primary goal is to provide people with food… all witnessed by, and including the owner, and he thinks he still merits full price.

I’m sure my lack of patronage means almost nothing to his bottom line, and things have likely changed over the years, but the manager’s complete disconnect with the concept of customer service will forever baffle me.

Remakes worse than originals

A quick list. I’m sure I’ll add to this.

Total Recall – A movie about a revolutionary from Mars who turns on a ancient alien machine that now isn’t on mars and there is no alien machine?

Knight Rider – The car has special paint so it can turn into …a…truck?

Day The Earth Stood Still – Gort is now bugs?

War of the Worlds – They cast Tom Cruise and thought this would improve the movie.

Spiderman (2012) – Why did they make this again?

Willy Wonka – Debated by many, but Gene Wilder is Willy Wonka. Johnny Depp is the best actor to ever play Johnny Depp.